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Dennis Hopper and “The American Way”

Dennis Hopper could bring any movie to life. He simply throbbed energy. I remember when I first watched Apocalypse Now, I was getting bored as the story lumbered towards the final act — then Hopper appeared.

He seemed like such an alien presence — totally out-of-place in this movie — but his energy and humour was a welcome change from the dreary tone the film was embracing.

Now, sadly, he’s gone. But we are left with a huge assortment of films that benefited from his being there. One of these is The American Way.

The American Way — better known in North America as Riders of the Storm — was the victim of terrible marketing and distribution. As I recall it only played a week or so at the Eaton Centre Cinemas (one of Toronto’s worst multiplexes) before being dumped on the video market.

Nowadays, the few who have seen it probably only saw it on VHS as it has yet to be released here on dvd. Consequently, The American Way is arguable his most sorely under-rated film.

Thankfully I found a Spanish release dvd, and offer this video review.

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